Your wedding

Even from far away!

There are many reasons why some of your family and friends might not be able to present at your wedding on Guam - from living across the ocean to pandemic restrictions. We are here to help them celebrate with you and have the best virtual experience!

No more limitations!

Private live stream of your wedding from Guam will be available for your guests world-wide, with unlimited number of devices supported. Don’t worry about your venue's limitations! Every guest will be able to watch you wedding in real time.

Event Live Streaming Guam

We can stream from almost any location on Guam, whether that’s a church, a hotel or an outdoor ceremony. We typically start the live stream about ten minutes before the event begins and it’s available to watch again immediately after streaming finishes. You even can get a copy of the video to keep it as a memory. Besides live streaming, we also offer wedding photography, and you can get a great deal when you book both! See our wedding packages here
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Wedding Live

  • Live streaming of a full wedding ceremony
  • Multi-camera coverage
  • Private & secure viewing
  • Easily sharable link for family & friends
  • Digital download to keep forever
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