Engagement Photoshoot - Destin Photographer

September 21, 2023

Destin's breathtaking beaches served as the perfect backdrop for this engagement photoshoot. The white sand, emerald gulf and sunset created a romantic setting that perfectly complemented the couple's love story. As the day transitioned into evening, we had the privilege of witnessing a breathtaking sunset on the beach.

Couple hugging each other sunset photoshoot Destin Fl
Guy hugging his girlfriend from behind on a beach sunset destin photoshoot

I love it when my couple wants a photo in water! It became one of the highlights of this engagement photoshoot. Did I risk getting my camera wet? Yes! Will I do it again? Yes :) Just look at these waves!

Couples sitting in waves and kissing each other
Guy holding a girl upside down, girl is looking at the camera

One thing you need to know about your photoshoot in Destin - we will be moving a lot! Although I always do a few classic poses, my best photographs happen when you don’t pose at all!

Couple dancing on a beach in Destin
Couple laying on each other shoulders

Whether you're planning your engagement or simply seeking inspiration for a romantic getaway, Destin offers a truly magical backdrop for your love story. As a Destin photographer, I look forward to capturing more tales of love and happiness in this charming coastal paradise, where dreams are made by the sea.

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