Wedding in Sandestin Beach Resort - Destin, Florida

January 20, 2024

Hey, let me guess… you visited Destin and fell in love with Emerald coast (how could you not??) Now you want your wedding to be HERE and you’re ready to fly any miles to make your special day happen the way YOU WANT IT. And, of course, you want your friends and family to be with you. But… how to do it? Let’s talk about your future wedding day in this blog post, which features beautiful pictures from S+M wedding day.

wedding photoshoot in Destin Florida

Beach ceremony in Destin

The first thing that might come to your mind is a beach ceremony. But, unfortunately, local authorities made it so complicated, that weddings on a beach is a rare and exotic bird in Destin! If you agree to have only 25 people at your ceremony (including you two and all vendors), and you are okay with the locations - The Shore at Crystal Beach Park and June White Decker Beach Park -  you can apply for a permit. Here’s the link to the city website -

Not the best option, in my opinion!

bride and groom wedding photoshoot Destin

wedding couple walking sunset time photoshoot

Wedding in Sandestin Beach resort

But hey, we have a huge complex here in Destin, it’s called Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. I photographed a few weddings there, and it’s a great place to celebrate a wedding! Have your morning in one of the hotels, first look on scenic alleys, and then a ceremony with a perfect water view. Finish your day with a reception in one of banquet rooms, no matter how big your party is!

What to know about your wedding in Sandestin

The complex is big and divided into two sections by a highway (yes). So you’ll need a car! Golf cars that you might see driving around won’t get you across the highway.

Next, Sandestin has great wedding planners on site, who will show you around and help you to choose the best location and best timeline for your day.  But always discuss the timeline with your wedding photographer, because a thoughtful plan is crucial for your experience and the pictures you’ll get.

Again, the Sandestin Resort in Destin is big! As a wedding photographer,  I like to visit the complex the day before and make sure all locations look the way we want and that we will have enough time to go from one spot to another. Never underestimate travel time!

sunset time wedding photoshoot in Destin

wedding ceremony in Sandestin Beach Resort in Destin Florida
hands close-up wedding ceremony in Sandestin (Destin)

Wedding portraits in Destin

One of the reasons why I love weddings in Sandestin and recommend it as a nice place for your special day, is the beautiful water view and big green area that can be used for your wedding portraits. And the sunset, that turns everything into a dream? Oh, it is a dream!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Destin or anywhere in the area, check our wedding packages here, and message me if you feel like we’re a good fit!

wedding shoot, couple dancing in Sandestin beach resort in Destin

Kate, wedding photographer in Destin Florida

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